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Our architectural studio draws on valuable experience gathered over the past 25 years in England, Spain and Israel, with a wide ranging portfolio of work consisting of mixed use developments, high density residential, hotel refurbishments, conservation and high-end residential housing and fit-outs. Current projects at planning stage include various urban renewal projects, public buildings, as well as high-end refurbishment projects including for conservation. 




Our design goal is to create unique and innovative solutions without compromising on simplicity and function. We develop our designs, to arrive at an optimal solution where we aim to combine comfort and utility with beauty:





"The architect should strive continually to simplify."

Frank Lloyd Wright        


Our studio provides a full service of works from initial design to hand-over and works in close contact with our clients, guiding them throughout the design and building process, to meet their project objectives and expectations.  We work closely with local professionals who specialise in getting planning approvals within narrow time frames. We also collaborate with selected project managers and client representatives as well as local and foreign interior decorators.

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